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Tunnel Boring Slewing Bearing

Tunnel Boring Slewing Bearing Driving reliability to cut tunnel completion times, slewing bearings for tunnel boring machines are built to withstand huge loads as cutter heads bore into solid rock or dificult soils. These heavy-duty, roller bearings are designed  to carry all cutter head loads and transfer  them to the rear. In addition, we use […]

Wind Turbine Bearings

Wind energy Turbines Drawing on a wealth of wind turbine engineering knowledge, LDB has developed an innovative slewing bearing design with enhanced sealing capabilities and redesigned internal geometry to meet the challenges of the wind industry. The LDB High Endurance Slewing Bearing offers increased resistance to harsh environmental conditions to improve reliability and performance and […]

Slewing Ring Bearings in Construction and Excavator and Roller Applications

Slewing Ring Bearings in Construction and Excavator and Roller Applications LDB slewing bearings of the preloaded,cross-roller type are an ideal choice for excavators as they offer high reliability even when subject to heavy loads and tilting moments in severe operating environments. LDB also works closely with road roller to provide customised slewing bearing solutions designed […]

Is the surface roughness of the slewing bearing as small as possible? How to choose?

Is the surface roughness of the slewing bearing as small as possible? Surface roughness refers to the small spacing and the unevenness of small peaks and valleys that the machined surface has. The roughness of the bearing surface may affect the wear resistance, stability, fatigue strength, stability and other properties of the bearing. Generally speaking, […]

Slewing Bearing Comes In Many Sizes

Slewing bearing comes in many sizes LDB Slewing Bearing Manufacturer custom designed and manufactured a segmented, 3-row roller bearing almost 14 m in diameter. It weighed 70 tons.LDB Slewing Bearing Manufacturer also produces a range of smaller slewing bearings for special machinery,high-tech applications and more. For more than a half century, LDB Slewing Bearing Manufacturer […]

Slewing Bearing Monitoring Services And Savings

Slewing bearing monitoring, services and savings Reduce downtime with condition monitoring LDB offers unmatched expertise and technology for monitoring your slewing bearing solutions and supporting your predictive maintenance needs. With a range of solutions as well as wireless solutions, we can help you monitor everything from contamination levels of grease and oil to vibration levels […]

LDB improving reliability with Life Cycle Management

Improving reliability with Life Cycle Management Install and commission Operate and monitor Maintain and repair Specification De sign and develop Manufacture From specification and design to maintenance and repair, at LDB we use our Life Cycle Management approach to optimize both slewing bearing performance and service life while reducing total cost of ownership. Specification Design […]

slewing bearing solutions and services

LDB slewing bearing solutions and services Optimize performance and service life For more than 20 years, LDB has been designing and manufacturing many types and sizes of igh-performance slewing bearings to meet the specific needs of customers worldwide. Combining decadesof application knowledge, unmatched manufacturing expertise and our Life Cycle Management approach, LDB provides customized slewing […]

LDB Slewing bearing

LDB Slewing bearing is a kind of rotating rolling element bearing or sliding bearing, which usually supports heavy but slowly rotating or swinging load. It is usually a horizontal platform, such as the windward platform of traditional crane, slewing stacker or horizontal shaft windmill. Compared with other rolling element bearings, the section of slewing bearing […]