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Causes and solutions of common failures of slewing drive devices

In the current transmission mechanism, the application range of slewing drive is very wide, including the application of products such as high-altitude lifting platforms, fire trucks, marine cranes, and log transfer machines. In a complex application environment, the slewing drive device will inevitably fail due to various reasons. The editor below has sorted out some […]

What are the installation methods of the spur gear slewing drive? And installation precautions

Spur gear slewing drive is a rotary drive. Due to the different types of drive teeth, it can be divided into straight-tooth rotary drive and helical-tooth drive, both of which are full-circle rotary drive reduction transmission mechanisms that inherit the driving power source. The previous article has already introduced the difference between the spur gear […]

What are the repair processes for slewing bearings?

The slewing bearing is also called the slewing ring. It is a new type of mechanical parts. It is composed of inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc. The slewing ring is a large-scale bearing that can withstand comprehensive loads, and can withstand larger axial and diameter at the same time. Bearing for load and […]

What is the slewing ring gear module?

Slewing bearing is one of the important parts of many modern machinery and equipment. It is called “joint of machine”. Many people are familiar with various parameters of slewing bearing, including clearance, inner and outer diameter, friction coefficient, etc. Many friends don’t know the module of supporting gear. The technical staff of Longda Bearing, a […]