SG-H Spur Gear Slewing Drive

The SG-H Spur Gear Slewing Drive is a type of slewing drive that utilizes straight-cut spur gears to transmit torque and provide rotary motion control. It is designed for heavy-duty applications requiring high load capacity, precise positioning, and reliable operation, such as solar tracking systems, cranes, heavy equipment, and other industrial machinery.

Model: SG-H Spur Gear drive

Type: Spur Gear Drive

Weight: 190-320kg

Max Torque: 26289N.m-59000 N.m

Lead Time: 30-60 days

0455 parameter


Lubrication of slewing drive >>>

3 M8X1 grease nipples on the inner ring >>>

2 M8X1 grease nipples on the housing >>>

Slewing drive supplied pre-lubricated

Introduction of SG-H spur gear drive

SG-H spur gear slewing drive has the advantages of high speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, high rotation accuracy, and high transmission efficiency. This product is widely used in automation control, intelligent robots, machine tool turntables, special vehicles, forestry machinery, hoisting machinery and other fields.

SG-H spur gear slewing drive is also called gear type slewing reducer, it is a new type of slewing product. Used to reduce speed and increase torque to meet work needs. In some cases, it is also used to increase speed and is called a speed increaser.

Slewing speed reducer is a full-circle speed reduction transmission mechanism that integrates a driving power source. It uses a slewing ring as a driving follower and a mechanism attachment. Utilizing the slewing bearing itself is the characteristic of the full-circle slewing joint, the efficient configuration of the driving power source and the main transmission components makes it a universal reduction transmission mechanism, which integrates the functions of rotation, reduction and driving, and is simple and easy. The characteristics of use, simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance.

Lubrication method of spur drive (gear type slewing reducer)

The lubrication effect has a great influence on the gear reducer. If the lubrication conditions are not good, the heat of the gear reducer will increase and its carrying capacity will decrease. Therefore, the lubricating oil and the amount of oil must be selected correctly to effectively ensure the normal operation of the gear reducer transmission and prolong its service life.

Generally, the lubrication method adopts oil pool lubrication and natural cooling. For high-power gear reducers or when the firepower is insufficient, pressure circulating oil lubrication or additional cooling devices can be used for cooling.

Under normal operating conditions, when the ambient temperature is (0~35)℃ or circulating oil is used for lubrication, it is recommended to choose 220# medium-sized industrial gear oil; when the ambient temperature is (35~50)℃, it is recommended to choose 320# Industrial gear oil. In addition, after the first 400 hours of operation, the reducer should be replaced with lubricating oil.

SG-H straight tooth drive sealing method

1) Skeleton oil seal

Most shaft seals of gear reducers usually use elastic seals with lip. This sealing method has the characteristics of easy installation and good use effect, and can provide standard parts. When using oil seals in pairs, the space between the two oil seals should be filled with grease.

When using this method for sealing, it is required that the surface of the journal matching the oil seal should be hardened or chrome plated to ensure its hardness ≥ 30HRC. At the same time, in order to ensure that the surface roughness is controlled at Ra (0.25~0.63) μm, the cutting method can also be used for grinding during the machining process.

2) Combined seal

The combined sealing method adopts a sparse and blocked triple seal structure, which will not affect the lubrication of the parts and can effectively prevent leakage. A seal is located on the outside of the fuel injection hole, and in a proper position inside the oil baffle (to ensure the oil level required for bearing lubrication), an oil return hole is drilled inside the fuel tank, which basically ensures a large flow of oil return. lubricating oil. Smooth flow of oil.

In addition, between the seal and the second seal, a second oil return hole is drilled directly below the hole of the box to ensure that the oil squeezed from the small hole can flow back to the box.

The second sealing is to use a set of sealing plates, which are composed of 3 to 5 thin steel plates with a thickness of (1.0 to 1.2) mm. Drill another oil return hole at a suitable position on the lower part of the sealing plate and end cover to ensure that the remaining lubricating oil flows back into the tank.

The third seal is a packing seal strip, which uses a new type of packing carbon fiber and is pressed between the shaft and the end cover. This kind of sealing material has good self-lubrication, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and can effectively prevent the gear reducer from oil leakage and dust.

Straight tooth drive features

【1】It replaces the structure of a toothed turntable and a pinion, and the compact design can effectively save installation space and is easy to integrate into existing application units;

【2】High transmission efficiency and fast speed;

【3】Able to withstand axial, radial and overturning moments;

【4】The full protection design can effectively extend the service life, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the safety of operators. The protection level reaches IP65;

【5】The appearance is clean and tidy;

【6】According to different working conditions, there are three series to choose from, and the design can be quickly customized.