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Slewing drive project by LDB Bearings was officially launched

Slewing drive project by LDB Bearings was officially launched On the afternoon of July 8, 2022, slewing drive project jointly developed by LDB Bearings and a famous European company was officially launched, and the company held a mobilization meeting. At the meeting, the chairman of LDB Bearings requested that the team leaders and backbones of […]

Slewing Gear Ring Bearing Drive

Slewing Gear Ring Bearing & Slewing Gear  Drive Rotary gears are usually divided into two types, one is the rotary gear support bearing, the other is the rotary gear drive Slewing gear support bearings are composed of an inner ring and an outer ring, usually one of which contains the gear. Together with the connecting […]

Slewing Bearing Processing Manufacturer

Slewing bearing rolling element The rolling elements of the slewing ring are made of anti-friction bearing steel. Such materials will be produced according to the company’s standard regulations, and through strict chemical composition analysis of the materials, relevant reports will be printed out. In order to ensure the same quality, the production standard batches will […]

Bearing Ring

A bearing ring is an annular part of a radial rolling bearing with one or several raceways. Bearing rings are divided into: bearing inner ring, bearing ring with raceway on the outer surface; bearing outer ring, bearing ring on the inner surface of the raceway; tapered inner ring, inner ring of tapered roller bearings; tapered […]

Large Diameter Slewing Bearings

LDB high quality large diameter slewing bearing The high-quality large-diameter slewing bearing produced by LDB leads the world, and has more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and customization of large-diameter ball bearings. LDB’s high-quality service has won unanimous praise from customers. LDB oversized bearing combination The range of oversized bearings currently […]

Wind Power Bearing Manufacturer

Wind power bearing manufacturer | LDB In addition to innovative solutions for pitch and yaw bearings, the main focus is on the development of main bearings. LDB wind turbine bearings play a crucial role in its role as a global market leader in slewing bearings. Intensive research and development has led to the successful deployment […]

Slewing Bearing Installation Surface

Mechanical machining of the bearing connection surfaces on the connecting structure is required . The mounting position of slewing bearings must correspond to that shown in the drawing. If a transporting cross was delivered, it has to be removed before installation. The corrosion protection can be removed with an alkaline cleaner. Cleaner must be prevented […]

Slewing Bearing Installation&Storage

Slewing Bearing Installation LDB Slewing Bearing offers an extensive slewing bearing service Slewing Bearing InstallationTransport and handling Danger of life by overhead load Do NOT step underneath the load Use suitable slings Use suitable lifting devices Suitable transport tap hole are stated in the bearing drawing Slewing bearings, like any other part of a machine, […]