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What is the installation process of spur gear drive?

Slewing drive is divided into spur gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive. Spur gear slewing drive is also called spur gear drive, gear slewing drive, and gear slewing reducer. Its main applications include solar and wind power generation equipment, robots, radar, low-speed heavy-duty lifting, lifting equipment, precision CNC turntables and other products. Application […]

Luoyang Longda Bearing purchases a CNC gear shaper gear processing machine

On August 12, 2021, Luoyang Longda Bearing Co., Ltd. introduced and purchased a LAOLUNSI (Lawrence) CNC gear shaper in order to meet the current needs of customers in the domestic and foreign markets. It is suitable for the production and processing of various bearing gears such as automobiles, construction machinery, construction machinery, and new energy […]

What happens if the slewing bearing is improperly lubricated?

When buying slewing bearings, slewing bearing manufacturers will tell us to lubricate the bearings regularly, but for those who don’t understand, improper lubrication may occur during lubrication. Then, are the consequences of improper lubrication of slewing bearings serious? ? What happens if the slewing bearing is improperly lubricated? What should be paid attention to when […]

What are the self-locking methods of spur gear drive?

Spur gear drive is also a kind of gear type slewing drive. Its transmission principle is a device in which the pinion drives the gear ring of the slewing ring to rotate and reduce. From the deceleration principle of the slewing drive, we can find that it does not have the self-locking function. Yes, if […]

What should I do if the slewing drive leaks?

Slewing drive is also called slewing reducer and slewing spur gear drive. Slewing drive oil leakage often occurs during the operation of the equipment, but there are many reasons for the oil leakage, and the solutions are also different. So what should I do if the slewing drive leaks gear oil? The following is a […]