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What are the surface treatment processes for slewing bearing fasteners? How to choose?

We all know that slewing bearings also need fasteners. Fasteners are widely used mechanical parts for connecting and fixing mechanical equipment and various parts. They are suitable for all walks of life. Due to their standardization, series, and degree of generalization higher, we also call a type of fasteners that meet relevant standards as standard […]

Why should the slewing bearing be annealed?

Why should slewing bearings be annealed? In fact, annealing of slewing ring bearings is a process of bearing heat treatment. Generally, the bearing metal is heated to a certain temperature and kept for a period of time, and then the metal is cooled at a suitable speed. This method improves the toughness of the bearing […]

How to judge the operating status of the slewing drive? Common faults and solutions

Slewing drives are widely used due to their modular installation convenience, operational stability, load-bearing capacity and strong environmental adaptability, etc., to improve industrial production efficiency and accelerate the realization of industrial automation. Then, once a failure occurs during the operation of the equipment, it may affect the normal production plan. For this reason, we should […]

What is the installation process of spur gear drive?

Slewing drive is divided into spur gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive. Spur gear slewing drive is also called spur gear drive, gear slewing drive, and gear slewing reducer. Its main applications include solar and wind power generation equipment, robots, radar, low-speed heavy-duty lifting, lifting equipment, precision CNC turntables and other products. Application […]

Luoyang Longda Bearing purchases a CNC gear shaper gear processing machine

On August 12, 2021, Luoyang Longda Bearing Co., Ltd. introduced and purchased a LAOLUNSI (Lawrence) CNC gear shaper in order to meet the current needs of customers in the domestic and foreign markets. It is suitable for the production and processing of various bearing gears such as automobiles, construction machinery, construction machinery, and new energy […]