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What should I do if the slewing drive leaks?

Slewing drive is also called slewing reducer and slewing spur gear drive. Slewing drive oil leakage often occurs during the operation of the equipment, but there are many reasons for the oil leakage, and the solutions are also different. So what should I do if the slewing drive leaks gear oil? The following is a […]

What are the oil lubrication methods for slewing bearings?

The slewing bearing needs to be lubricated during use and storage. The common lubrication methods are grease lubrication and oil lubrication. The medium for grease lubrication is grease, and the oil lubrication is lubricating oil. Then, for the turntable In terms of bearings, what are the benefits of using oil lubrication? What are the oil […]

What is the manufacturing process of slewing bearings

Slewing ring bearings are also called slewing bearings. The main structure includes: inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, and rolling element-guided cages. They are important transmission components in mechanical equipment. They are used in engineering machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, Ship equipment and other industries are widely used. Next, the slewing ring […]