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In addition to various engineering machinery, the application range of slewing bearings is also gradually expanding. Port equipment, metallurgical equipment, and drilling platforms have begun to use slewing bearings to replace original bearings on a large scale. For example, laser pipe cutting machine, stacker and reclaimer, CSP, pipe jacking machine, excavator and so on. For specific applications, please click below to view.

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01. The mounting bracket generally adopts a cylindrical structure, and it is better to align the cylindrical wall with the center of the raceway. In order to prevent local overload of the slewing bearing and ensure its flexible operation, the installation bracket should be treated to eliminate internal stress after all welding procedures, and the installation plane should be machined, and its flatness (including the angular deviation of the horizontal plane) should be controlled within a certain range .

02. Each set of LDB slewing bearings should be inspected with the matching host installation plane before installation. In addition to the required rigidity of the slewing bearing parts, the connecting surface should also be machined and the surface debris should be removed. Frost, paint and other foreign objects.

03. The LDB slewing bearing provided to the user is marked with the hardened soft tape symbol “S” on the end face of the ring or the filling hole of the rolling element is a hardened soft tape. The user should place the soft tape at the position of the non-load when installing Area or non-recurrent load area. In addition, the tooth top surface of the toothed ring is painted with color, which is the maximum runout point of the gear, and the backlash of the driving gear needs to be adjusted.

04. When implementing the installation, after the slewing bearing is hoisted in place, use a feeler gauge to check the flatness of the fitting plane. If the gap is too large, it should be machined again. If it is really unable to be processed, it can be filled with plastic or partial gaskets. In order to avoid deformation of the slewing bearing after the bolts are tightened, the performance of the slewing bearing is affected.

05. After positioning the slewing bearing radially, tighten the mounting bolts in a star-shaped cross and check the rotation of the bearing. In order to ensure the smooth transmission of the bearing, the gear side clearance should be checked and adjusted before the mounting bolts are completely tightened. There should be sufficient pre-tightening force when tightening the bolts, and the pre-tightening force should be 70% of the yield limit of the bolt material. Mounting bolts should be equipped with quenched and tempered flat washers and spring washers are strictly prohibited.

06. The slewing bearing of the slewing ring needs to be fastened with high-strength bolts during installation, and the fastening bolts must reach the required pre-tightening force.

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