The SDE-PDE series slew drive is a vertical slew drive with enclosed gearing and low speed outdoor applications. It features an hourglass worm for gear contact and longevity, high static load capacity and multiple accuracy levels. Available in five sizes with bearing diameters up to 21 inches, the drive is suitable for use in wet, corrosive, heavily dusty and debris-prone environments. It also offers installation flexibility for easy installation during use in the solar tracking industry.

The Series SDE Slew Drive is a robust enclosed-gearing vertical slewing drive solution equipped for low-speed (<1 RPM) outdoor applications. The dual-axis combined fence structure and the integrated design of horizontal and pitch transmission can improve the accuracy of tracking the sun and increase the power generation efficiency. The LDB adopts the overall design to make it more rigid, more impact-resistant, and able to withstand deserts and The harsh environment in other places.

Range of external diameter: 300 mm to 21000 mm

Ring material: 42CrMo / 50Mn/ C45

Ball/roller material: GCr15

Cage material: steel 20 or ZL102 cast aluminum alloy

Weight: 53-370kg

Lead Time: 30 days


TYPE Parameter
Output torque Overturning moment Holding torque Axial static load Radial static load Axial dynamic load Radial dynamic load Reduction ratio Accuracy class Weight
SDE3 400 N.m 2000 N.m 2000 N.m 30 kN 15 kN 9.6 kN 8.4 kN 62:1 ≤0.1° 26kg
295 lbf.ft 1475 lbf.ft 1475 lbf.ft 6744 lbf 3372 lbf 2158 lbf 1888 lbf
10 kN.m 135.6 kN.m 72.3 kN.m 970 kN 390 kN 102:1 ≤0.15°SDE17
I: ≤0.03°(PDE17)
II: ≤0.05°(PDE17)
III: ≤0.07°(PDE17)
IV: ≤0.09°(PDE17)
7400 lbf.ft 100000 lbf.ft 53400 lbf.ft 218000 lbf 88000 lbf
11 kN.m 65 kN.m 72.3 kN.m 50 kN 120 kN 102:1 ≤0.15°SDE17
I: ≤0.03°(PDE17)
II: ≤0.05°(PDE17)
III: ≤0.07°(PDE17)
IV: ≤0.09°(PDE17)
8818 lbf.ft 47970 lbf.ft 53350 lbf.ft 11200 lbf 26980 lbf
15 kN.m 203 kN.m 72.3 kN.m 50 kN 120 kN 125:1 ≤0.15°(SDE21)
I: ≤0.03° (PDE21)
II: ≤0.05°(PDE21)
III: ≤0.07°(PDE21)
11000 lbf.ft 150000 lbf.ft 78000 lbf.ft 359000 lbf 144000 lbf
(Elevation )
23 kN.m 100 kN.m 105.8 kN.m 80 kN 160 kN 125:1 ≤0.15°(SDE21)
I: ≤0.05° (PDE21)
II: ≤0.07°(PDE21)
III: ≤0.09°(PDE21)
16970 lbf.ft 73800 lbf.ft 78080 lbf.ft 17980 lbf 35970 lbf