Luoyang Longda Bearing purchases a CNC gear shaper gear processing machine

On August 12, 2021, Luoyang Longda Bearing Co., Ltd. introduced and purchased a LAOLUNSI (Lawrence) CNC gear shaper in order to meet the current needs of customers in the domestic and foreign markets. It is suitable for the production and processing of various bearing gears such as automobiles, construction machinery, construction machinery, and new energy production. It can meet the processing needs of customers for all kinds of disk gears, helical gears, shaft gears and other accessories, and can be used for the processing of helical cylindrical gears, tooth sectors, drum gears and other gears.

Gear shaper

The CNC gear shaping machine has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, high stability, no wear of main shaft and other components, and long life. It has higher precision retention and stability in gear production. The performance and accuracy of the product are better than before. It can process bearings with an outer diameter of 600mm, the upper limit of the module is 10mm, and the machining accuracy of the machine tool can reach level 6. At the same time, it can be designed and customized according to the special needs of customers, manufacturing and processing helical gear accessories, rack processing accessories, deburring devices and automatic loading and unloading Devices, etc., if you need them, please call us for inquiries.

In addition, our Luoyang Longda Bearings was established in 1999 and has more than 30 sets of various production and technical inspection equipment to meet the production needs of precision bearings of different sizes and precisions. Products include slewing bearings, spur gear drives, and rotary drives, which are widely used Laser cutting machines, industrial robots, industrial automation and other fields have been widely praised and affirmed by customers for many years. If you have any relevant requirements, please inquire and understand.

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Congratulations to Luoyang Longda Bearing Co., Ltd.

Website upgrade and revision

The website was successfully revised and upgraded on June 18, 2021.LDB looks forward to your inquiry!

LDB is pleased to welcome new equipment into the factory and is ready for transformation and upgrading

In the rapid development of economic globalization today, LDB company in product quality, guaranteed delivery cycle, timely after-sale service, recognition and favor by more and more customers, the customer quantity rising.

With the improvement of customer requirements for product quality, LDB company in line with the mass transfer efficiency, technological innovation, the principle of intelligent manufacturing, continuous for buying new professional equipment, to promote the rapid development of the company’s business to better service for the customer.
On July 16, 2018, LDB company to buy new equipment – GQ600 gantry machining center, to the company production workshop, is by the engineer in the installation and debugging, is expected to formally put into production soon.
LDB company all staff is full of hope to the arrival of the new equipment, it is believed that in the future under the more precise the advanced production equipment, product quality will be more perfect, will greatly improve the capacity, to a great extent, alleviate the current situation of the shortage. After the new equipment is put into use, LDB will enter a new period of rapid development.

A good product is better than anything else. LDB knows this and knows that there is still a long way to go. LDB is well prepared, capable, confident and determined to produce higher quality products, and we will do better in the future!

Korean ILJIN GROUP delegation visited LDB

11th July, 2018, There are 6 people from IL JIN GROUP, Korea visited LDB for inspection, LDB General manager Mr. Yongzhong Tong with LDB’s middle-level leader recept them and accompany them from the begining.
Korea IL JIN Group is one of the toppest ten companies in Korea and the most valuable brand in Korea. It has more than 20 legal entities and has established localized design and manufacturing bases in more than 10 Countries. The total number of employees in the world exceeds 10,000. The key technologies of science and technology, industry, communications, optoelectronics and other pillars have developed into large-scale enterprises. They are multinational enterprise group.
The inspection of the IL JIN Group is mainly to learn the production process, design and development, quality control process and future cooperation plan with LDB’s slewing bearing.

At the symposium, LDB Mr. Tong-general manager, first extended a warm welcome to the visit of the IL JIN Group, and introduced the LDB’s production situation. The two sides conducted friendly and in-depth communication. Mr. Tong said that after 20 years of development, the products of Luoyang Longda Bearing Co., Ltd (LDB) have been exported to more than 70 Countries and regions all over the world. The company is making every effort to accelerate its overseas strategy and lay out overseas markets. It is hoped that both sides can strengthen communication and give full play to their respective advantages and promote their mutual advantages, and achieve a win-win cooperation.

Subsequently, Mr. Tong accompanied the group of the IL JIN Group to the production workshop for on-the-spot investigation. The group of the IL JIN Group made a detailed understanding of the production process and assembly workshop of the slewing bearing. After the inspection, the group of the IL JIN Group gave high praise and suggestions on the production process and quality control of LDB, and expressed their willingness to cooperate with LDB.
As the pace of global economic integration is accelerating, LDB will always adhere to the goal of MANUFACTURE ELABORATELY, SERVE THE WORLD, Pay attention to the production, quality, sales and service of products, seize opportunities, and explore the international market for the world. Provide high quality products to Customers.

German Customers Visit LDB Factory to Audit Quality System

On June 13, 2019, a quality audit engineer from a German bearing company came to our company to conduct an annual supplier system audit. Through this audit, they have a deeper understanding of our company and product processing control, thus expanding the scope of cooperation between the two companies.

The international trade director of LDB introduced the latest development of LDB to customers and the company, and insisted on slewing bearings and gear transmissions as the future development direction. Then, the German engineer pointed out the problems found in the quality audit, one-to-one correspondence, and put forward good corrective opinions and suggestions. At the same time, customers appreciated the tremendous changes in LDB since last year. (Their original words are: But very good, your company has undergone a lot of changes, and many things started from our last visit.)

In recent years, LDB has been carrying out structural reforms on the supply side and has accelerated industrial upgrading. The new CNC lock machine replaces the original ordinary lock. The mechanical center has been replaced, the old radial drilling machine has been completed, and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy has been completed. Product grade improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity of workers.

New era, new industry, new model. In the future, LDB will invest in more advanced equipment and develop more new products and fields through technological innovation and talent introduction. At the same time, we will strictly implement the ISO9001:2015 standard, strictly control the entire production process, master every detail, and let more LDB manufactured products serve the global market.