Slew Drive Customization

Slew drive customization is the process of tailoring the design, size, features, and specifications of a slewing drive to meet the unique requirements of a specific application. Customizations can be made to ensure optimal performance, improve functionality, accommodate specific installation requirements, and satisfy unique constraints in various applications, such as solar tracking systems, wind turbines, construction equipment, industrial machinery, or robotics.

Our client has 4 11-meter towers, each of which will accommodate 90 square meters of solar panels. They hope that the driver can adjust the azimuth and pitch angle of the solar panel, so our engineers recommend that they use 2 SE21 as a set.
We also designed the connecting flange from the slew drive to the solar panel frame. Considering the customer’s outdoor project, we painted the flange and used galvanized mounting screws, so that our equipment has better features. Anti-corrosion performance.