Wind Turbine Bearings

Wind energy Turbines

Drawing on a wealth of wind turbine engineering knowledge, LDB has developed an innovative slewing bearing design with enhanced sealing capabilities and redesigned internal geometry to meet the challenges of the wind industry.

The LDB High Endurance Slewing Bearing offers increased resistance to harsh environmental conditions to improve reliability and performance and extend bearing service life.“With its advanced technical knowledge, LDB was a reliable development partner for my windmill slewing bearing solutions.”– Wind energy customer.

Wind turbines generate electricity under adverse and constantly changing conditions, both on and offshore. Efficient power generation from wind turbines demands high performance from every component – particularly the bearings used in the turbine drivetrain and gearbox.slewing bearing

LDB rolling bearings for these applications perform with robust resistance to seizure, wear, flaking and unique challenges such as white etching cracks (WEC) to deliver advanced product design solutions for a reliable and sustainable operating life.