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What are the repair processes for slewing bearings?

The slewing bearing is also called the slewing ring. It is a new type of mechanical parts. It is composed of inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc. The slewing ring is a large-scale bearing that can withstand comprehensive loads, and can withstand larger axial and diameter at the same time. Bearing for load and […]

What is the slewing ring gear module?

Slewing bearing is one of the important parts of many modern machinery and equipment. It is called “joint of machine”. Many people are familiar with various parameters of slewing bearing, including clearance, inner and outer diameter, friction coefficient, etc. Many friends don’t know the module of supporting gear. The technical staff of Longda Bearing, a […]

LDB is pleased to welcome new equipment into the factory and is ready for transformation and upgrading

In the rapid development of economic globalization today, LDB company in product quality, guaranteed delivery cycle, timely after-sale service, recognition and favor by more and more customers, the customer quantity rising. With the improvement of customer requirements for product quality, LDB company in line with the mass transfer efficiency, technological innovation, the principle of intelligent […]

Korean ILJIN GROUP delegation visited LDB

11th July, 2018, There are 6 people from IL JIN GROUP, Korea visited LDB for inspection, LDB General manager Mr. Yongzhong Tong with LDB’s middle-level leader recept them and accompany them from the begining. Korea IL JIN Group is one of the toppest ten companies in Korea and the most valuable brand in Korea. It […]

German Customers Visit LDB Factory to Audit Quality System

On June 13, 2019, a quality audit engineer from a German bearing company came to our company to conduct an annual supplier system audit. Through this audit, they have a deeper understanding of our company and product processing control, thus expanding the scope of cooperation between the two companies. The international trade director of LDB […]