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In addition to innovative solutions for pitch and yaw bearings, the main focus is on the development of main bearings. LDB wind turbine bearings play a crucial role in its role as a global market leader in slewing bearings. Intensive research and development has led to the successful deployment of LDB wind turbine bearing products in wind power plants (onshore and offshore) around the world.

The Wind drive

Limited resources and rising energy prices pose global challenges. At LDB wind turbine bearings, we are addressing this challenge by developing groundbreaking solutions.

In order to make progress in providing environmentally friendly energy, we are installing increasingly efficient wind power plants around the world, which are now able to compete with fossil energy resources. LDB wind turbine bearings are a strong and progressive partner in the field of onshore and offshore systems. We constantly seek innovation and breakthroughs, so that our customers can not only become part of the new energy era, but also promote the development of the new energy era, and make important contributions to ensuring a more environmentally friendly future.

Carbon dioxide free (CO2) energy obtained through wind power generation is becoming more and more important.Since the establishment of the industry, the company’s commitment to renewable energy has made it a reliable partner for all major wind power plant manufacturers.