Slewing Bearing Installation&Storage

Slewing Bearing Installation

LDB Slewing Bearing offers an extensive slewing bearing service

Slewing Bearing InstallationTransport and handling

Danger of life by overhead load

  • Do NOT step underneath the load
  • Use suitable slings
  • Use suitable lifting devices
  • Suitable transport tap hole are stated in the bearing drawing

Slewing bearings, like any other part of a machine, require careful handling. They should always be ransported and stored in horizontal position. For safe handling of bearings which include transport holes, high tensile lifting eye bolts must be used. In special cases an internal cross bracing (transporting cross) is required. The bearing weight must be indicated on the crate or pallet. Impact loads, particularly in a radial direction, must be avoided.

Slewing bearings Delivery condition

  • Raceway system

The slewing bearings are delivered filled with one of the greases unless no special lubricant and special grease quantities are required.

  • External contours

The external contours of the bearings (except for holes) have Cortec VCI corrosion protection applied.

  • Gearing

The gearing is not greased. The corrosion protection is applied as for the external contours.

Slewing Bearings Storage

Sensitive surface

  • Do not open the packing with a sharp blade
  • Surface may be damaged

Approx. 6 months in roofed storage areas. Approx. 12 months in enclosed, temperature-controlled areas (temperature > 12 °C ). Outside storage is not allowed.

If required, other corrosion protection agents and types of packaging can be used, e.g. long-term packaging for up to 5 years.

Longer storage periods will necessitate special preservation. After the slewing bearing has been stored for a relatively long time, an increased frictional torque may be observed caused by the suction adhesion of the sealing lip. Careful lifting of the sealing lip with a blunt object around the entire circumference and several clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of the slewing bearing through 360 degrees will reduce the frictional torque to normal.

Slewing bearings Installation

Risk of skin irritation caused by preservative

  • Safety gloves must be worn for removal
  • Pay attention to the producer’s data

Entrapment hazard when putting the load down

  • Location control before putting tazhe load down
  • Mind the staff

A flat mounting surface free of grease and oil is essential for the upper and lower ring to seat firmly. Welding beads, burrs, excessive paint and other irregularities must be removed prior to installation. The bearing rings must be completely supported by the connecting structure.

LDB Slewing bearings  recommends conducting a check on the mounting surfaces with a leveling instrument or laser equipment (this service can be provided by LDB). The flatness values should not exceed the values shown in table 1. To avoid larger deviations and the occurrence of peaks in smaller sectors, any deviation in the range of 0°–180° may only rise evenly once and fall again.