What are the application fields of slewing drive

The slewing drive can be applied to the main engine that does circular motion, such as crane turntable, rotating machinery, and other machines that perform circular work.

Slewing drive can be widely used in the field of construction machinery represented by aerial work vehicles and truck cranes, as well as in the field of new energy represented by solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, as well as other fields of automation, machine tool manufacturing, aerospace communications, etc. It can be said that this product The market potential is huge.

1. The field of beam transport vehicles

The core components of the traditional beam-carrying slewing assembly mostly use traditional slewing bearing products. Since the slewing bearing does not have an outer casing, the corrosion resistance is not ideal. For the steering system that relies on hydraulic cylinders to push the tires, the The range of rotation angles is also greatly limited.

VE Series Slewing Drive

2. Field of aerial work vehicles

Aerial work vehicles are an important application area of ​​slewing drive. Usually, aerial work vehicles require the main engine to have a high safety factor. The high safety of slewing drive (self-locking of worm gears) is the choice of the majority of users as accessories for aerial work platforms. An important factor; on the other hand, the worm gear transmission has a larger transmission speed ratio, which improves the safety factor of the main engine and also omits a set of worm gear reducers for the main engine, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the main engine.

3. Photovoltaic power generation field

Photovoltaic power generation is an important application field of rotary drive. The use of solar photovoltaic modules with rotary drive as a rotating component can accurately adjust the rotation angle and elevation angle of the host according to the different positions of the sun during the day. the receiving angle.

SE Series Slewing Drive

4. Wind power generation

Similar to the photovoltaic discovery, the slewing drive can be applied to the yaw part of the wind turbine to realize the horizontal 360 rotation of the mechanism, so as to better adjust the receiving angle.

5. The field of construction machinery claws

Auxiliary equipment for construction machinery is a brand-new application field of slewing drive.

The above is all about the application field of slewing drive. If you have any questions during use, please feel free to communicate with us in depth.