Large Diameter Slewing Bearings

LDB high quality large diameter slewing bearing

The high-quality large-diameter slewing bearing produced by LDB leads the world, and has more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and customization of large-diameter ball bearings. LDB’s high-quality service has won unanimous praise from customers.

LDB oversized bearing combination

The range of oversized bearings currently produced by LDB includes large diameter slewing ring bearings, single row bearings, double row four point bearings, triple row ball bearings, and also offers a variety of custom designed special bearings.

The slewing ring bearings produced by LDB include external, internal and gearless bearings. Among them, the bearing with gear needs to be determined according to the actual situation.

Multifunctional application of LDB large slewing ring bearing

The large diameter bearings produced by LDB are used in various fields, and different designs meet different needs. This includes construction machinery such as excavators and drilling rigs, as well as mining, construction and offshore wind turbines.

LDB one-stop bearing solution

LDB offers a range of system solutions. The large diameter slewing bearing of LDB is perfectly combined with the LDB slewing drive. According to customer requirements, we provide corresponding electric or hydraulic motor control technology, so that customers can choose more easily and quickly.

LDB large slewing bearing high quality, high reliability

All components of large slewing rings produced by LDB meet the highest standards in terms of functionality and are able to meet customer needs even under extreme conditions. LDB implements a strict management program to ensure product reliability and long service life.

Unified quality management system

The LDB large slewing bearing is a trademark of excellent quality. In order to maintain high standards, LDB adopts advanced management methods, and strictly controls each development and production process, and all production processes are assembled in the computer data on file. This allows full control, monitoring and traceability. Processes are continuously improved through various assessments.

LDB large diameter slewing bearing adopts high quality raw materials

All components of LDB large diameter bearings are made of raw materials of the highest quality standards. Raw material parts are provided by qualified suppliers and audited regularly. For special raw materials, we manage production with standards that exceed the industry.

In addition to the use of 42CrMo4 alloy for large slewing ring bearings, polymer spacers are usually used for the cage between the bearing balls. However, brass alloy or steel is used as the material in extra large bearings, which can prevent corrosion and wear.