Slewing Driver Application

Slewing reducer -Slewing driver can be applied to the host of the circular motion, such as the crane rotation platform and the rotation machinery, etc. The turbine and worm mechanisms are often used for two -axis intertwined, large transmission ratio, small transmission power, or intermittent work. This product can be widely used in the field of engineering machinery represented by high -altitude operating vehicles, car cranes, new energy fields represented by solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, and other fields of automation, machine tool manufacturing, aerospace communications and other fields. Therefore, the product’s market potential is huge.

Slewing drive
Slewing reducer –Slewing driver Subjective list

Rotate machine with a dual snail turn drive drive

Driver driver with a car

Heavy tablet transport vehicle turning driver

High -altitude operating vehicle turning driver

Railway turning driver Driven driver

Slewing claws with rotation driver

Bridge detection vehicle rotation driver device

China Railway Liangji Slewing Driver Device

Solar turning driver