Slewing bearing maintenance methods and maintenance precautions

There are many types of bearings, and the fields and equipment used by each type of bearing will be different. Among them, the slewing bearing can be rotated and used in many equipment and machines. It can be said to be the scope of use. There is a very wide range of bearings, so what are the maintenance methods of the slewing ring and what are the precautions in the maintenance process? The slewing ring manufacturer gave us the following detailed introduction.

Maintenance method of slewing bearing

1. After 100 hours of operation of the slewing ring, the pre-tightening force of the bolts should be checked, and every 500 hours of operation thereafter, sufficient pre-tightening force must be maintained.

2. When the slewing ring is in use, if noise, impact, or power suddenly increases, it should be shut down immediately for inspection, troubleshooting, and disassembly and inspection if necessary.

3. The raceways of the slewing bearing are regularly filled with grease. Generally, the ball bearings are refueled every 100 hours of operation, and the roller bearings are refueled every 50 hours.

4. The tooth surface of the slewing bearing should be cleaned of debris frequently and coated with corresponding grease.

5. The slewing bearing and slewing ring tooth surface should be cleaned up for 10 shifts, and grease should be reapplied.

Matters needing attention in maintenance of slewing bearing


1. The mounting support of the slewing ring must have sufficient rigidity and the mounting surface should be flat. The support should be subjected to stress relief before assembling the slewing ring. The slewing bearing and slewing ring should be repaired and maintained to reduce the deformation of the slewing ring support. The support should be assembled during assembly. The contact surface with the slewing bearing must be cleaned.

2. When using slewing bearings and slewing bearings, attention should be paid to changes in noise and slewing resistance torque. If there is any abnormality in the maintenance of slewing bearings and slewing bearings, they should be disassembled for inspection. The slewing bearings must be hoisted or stored horizontally, not vertically. Lift or store to avoid deformation.

3. Before the bolts are tightened, the slewing bearing and slewing support should be checked for gear meshing. The meshing condition should meet the requirements of gear accuracy, that is, the contact spots distributed on the tooth surface after the gear pair runs under slight braking. The tooth height direction is not less than 25%, and the tooth length direction is not less than 30%.

4. Slewing bearing and slewing ring In order to ensure the reliability of bolt work and avoid the lack of bolt pre-tightening force, the slewing bearing and slewing ring should be checked for the pre-tightening torque of the bolts after 100 hours and 500 hours of operation of the slewing ring. The pre-tightening torque should be checked every 1000 hours of work.

The service life of the slewing ring during work is directly proportional to the maintenance performed on it. Good maintenance of the slewing ring is also a way to avoid the failure of the slewing ring. The maintenance methods of the slewing ring above are only part of it. Friends who want to know can check our company website. The slewing ring produced by LDB Bearing Co., Ltd. is of good quality, which can effectively improve labor productivity and equipment stability. You are welcome to call our hotline or leave a message at the bottom of the website.