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The slewing drive device is also called a worm-type slewing reducer, which is a full-circle slewing reduction transmission mechanism that integrates a driving power source. It is generally composed of a worm, a slewing bearing, a housing, a motor or a motor. This product is suitable for low-speed applications. In terms of carrying capacity, the worm gear type performs particularly well. Compared with traditional rotary products, the rotary drive adopts an envelope worm transmission, which can obtain a relatively large reduction ratio; its carrying capacity , Anti-deformation ability and higher transmission rigidity. The worm gear drive has the characteristics of reverse self-locking, which can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm can only be driven by the worm, but the worm cannot be driven by the worm, which greatly improves the working stability and safety factor of the main machine. To learn more about different models, please click on the products below.

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1. According to JBT2300-1999, slew drive should be iled small quantity of lithium base grease before delivery,please check and oíl new grease in the different operating condition before installing.

2. Relubrication interval depend mainly on the prevailing work and environmental conditions as well as on theversion of the slew drive. The following table can be used for a reference value. Slew drive shall generally be relubricatedbefore and after long inactive periods. while rotating the slew drive, inject grease into all the cleaned grease nipples con-secutively untíl a bead of fresh grease forms at lease on one seal or at the bearing gap.

Working condition Lubrication intervals
torrid zone, high humidity, dusty, big temperature
difference and continuous working
Extreme condition Every
Nomàl working condition Every

3. itis necessary to clear the sundries on the surface of slew drive away and check whether seal is aged, dissilient,or breakage, in case of loose seal, please replace new seal to prevent sundries and running grease off, then relubricate grease to avoid corrosion of roller and raceway.

4. grease types can be determined under actual operating conditions by customer, for example: Raceway can belubricated by 3#,4h graphite grease, Industry grease, 2034 grease, 7002 bearing grease and 24 Aluminum base grease and so on.1t is necessary to check the preload of bolt to keep enough preload after first 100 hours in operating. And this in-spection shall be repeated after every 500 hours.

5. After 2000 hours in operating, if some bolt loose more than 20% torque, please replace the bolt and two neigh-bors, if 20% of bolts loose more than 20%, please replace all the bolts. After 14000 hours in operating, replace all bolts,nuts and washers with new ones.

6. it is necessary to give close attention to operating condition, in the case of increasing noise, impact or power sud-denly, it should be fixed until clearing all the touble, if necessary, Dismantle slew drive. Clean, check and correctit.


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