How is the spur gear drive packaged? Packaging method and function

Spur gear drive, as a general-purpose reducer that integrates the functions of rotation, deceleration, and drive, can use the transmission structure to achieve a transmission with a large transmission ratio, which reduces the failure rate of the host to a certain extent. It is usually modular and highly integrated. After the assembly is completed, special attention should be paid to storage and transportation of this device to avoid impacts or other conditions that affect its function. For this reason, the product should be packaged.

How is the spur gear drive packaged

1. Packaging method

(1) Cleaning and assembly: clean each part after passing the inspection to remove dirt and impurities on the surface, and then assemble the parts and assemble them into a complete rotary drive.

(2) Lubrication: Inject grease into the rotary drive through the oil injection hole, and wipe the surface after the entire rotary drive is qualified to ensure the smoothness of the surface.

(3) Anti-rust: Paint anti-rust oil on the outer surface of the slewing drive, especially the slewing bearing as the main transmission component, should be fully lubricated and anti-rust work to prevent rust during storage or transportation. Of course, during the production process, the manufacturer will also spray and other special anti-rust treatments on the spur drive housing. After the anti-rust oil is applied, it should be packed in time to isolate the air to achieve a better anti-rust effect.

(4) Outer packaging: put the packed straight gear reducer in a wooden box, pay attention to the protection of the inner wall of the wooden box, generally put a layer of pearl cotton on the bottom of the box to prevent the rotary drive from scratching in the wooden box, and use pearl cotton around Separate the wooden box from the drive and try to fill the gap to avoid shaking and bumping during transportation. If you want to stack it, you need to use a wooden strip to isolate and support between the two rotary drives to prevent the upper product from compressing the lower product. In addition, the upper layer of the wooden box should be laid with pearl cotton to prevent the product from being scratched when the lid is opened and nailed. At the same time, fix the outer packaging and prevent moisture.

Spur Gear Drive

2. Matters needing attention

(1) Choose suitable lubricating grease and anti-rust oil according to the characteristics of the product. It should be appropriate, not too much or too little.

(2) Avoid stacking multiple products if possible, and protect a single product to avoid damage such as stacking collisions, extrusion deformation, etc.

(3) A suitable packing box should be customized according to the size of the product, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by extrusion or shaking due to the mismatch of the box and the product. At the same time, pay attention to whether the packing box is strong.

(4) During the transportation process, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and stable transportation, to avoid the impact of external environment such as bumping into water.

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The role of spur gear drive packaging

1. Product protection: Tight packaging can better protect the products. The spur gear drives produced are all qualified products that have been inspected. However, if they are transported or stored, they will inevitably experience some violent transportation or accidents. If the packaging is not In place, it may cause damage to the product. In order to deliver the product to the customer intact, tight packaging is necessary.

2. Convenient storage: Sometimes customers don’t use the spur gear drive immediately after purchasing it, and may need to be stored for a period of time, so the anti-rust treatment of the product packaging box is particularly important.

3. Transportation protection: It is inevitable that the product will be directly loaded and unloaded by forklift during transportation, and bumps will inevitably occur. The use of strong outer packaging can play a certain protective effect and play a pre-protective role against some uncontrollable conditions during transportation.

4. Manufacturer’s information display: The outer packaging is not only to protect the product but also to display the company’s image. Good standardized packaging reflects the manufacturer’s standardized production and good production management system, and is also a display of the manufacturer’s strength. At the same time, product information such as the product model, inspection certificate, and instructions for use will also be displayed on the outer packaging, so that the process of receiving and transportation can be more clearly and intuitively distinguished.