QC and ServiceWe use data and Inspection reports to remove the false.

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Based on ISO9001-2008 rules requirement, LDB set up a standard Quality control system, from row material to the products information feed back, we make the detailed documents record and reports. The rules and measurement tools recheck twice a year.

material quality control:Place the order----- purchase and QC witness check the material stove no. type of the steel, marks and inspection and test certificate will be reviewed.

Checking the process of forging----heart treatment process witness check---witness check the mechanical test and chemical analysis and take photos reviewed the test and inspection report. Checking the packing and transport progress confirmed the deliveries.

LDB inspector and purchase make report for all the process of forging parts.

Material will be rechecked before move in LDB stock, LDB inspector check the mark and specimen, confirm the forging part’s quality.  
Since Many of our product used on shore or off shore project, we have the experience with third party inspect, such as DNV, RINA. SGS .ISB, and got the reputation.

Pre-sale services
Bearing technology, installation and consulting services;
Fully communicate with customers, a detailed understanding of customer needs.

The sale of services
Implement the relevant provisions of the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system;

Each customer to establish a full-time tracking service personnel, and provide 24-hour service;

Contract to provide customers with a true, complete and valid documents;

When customers request can be sent to the customer's installation site to accept the customer's inquiry;

Company in the process of production and stocking of the quality of any of your inquiry and progress inquiries;

Agreed with the customer prior to delivery in a variety of delivery, inspection program to ensure accurate and clear logo, packaging, specifications and strong, safe and fast transportation, delivery promptly.

After-sales service
Performance of the contract, we will solicit customer input and create a file so that we can improve our work in the future to better serve our customers.

Company service personnel received domestic users, feedback, immediately arrange for after-sales service engineers to multiply the fastest means of transport to reach the customer site for processing.