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Industrial Bearing Repair & Reclamation 


LDB offers comprehensive bearing repair services to help save you time and money.  By reconditioning bearings for extended life, we can save you as much as 20 to 60 percent off the cost of buying new.

Remanufacturing is most economical for bearings at least 8 inches OD. LDB remanufactures most bearing types, including tapered, spherical, cylindrical, ball and thrust - and we accept all manufacturers' brands for remanufacturing, up to 120 inches OD.

Bearing reclamation services are ideal for bearings 3 to 8 inches that are used in large quantities.  Our proprietary reclamation process includes thoroughly cleaning and inspecting bearings.  We also apply a polishing finish that returns bearings you’d normally throw away back to serviceable condition — for a fraction of the cost.

Service Attributes
We evaluate your bearing condition and provide an inspection report and quotation before remanufacturing begins
We often can restore used bearings to original specifications in about one-third the time it takes to purchase new
We use high quality remanufacturing processes and equipment to restore used bearings to serviceable condition
Our global presence provides remanufacturing support in most regions of the world
Reclaimed bearings are accompanied by a limited one-year warranty


Click here for a list of common types of bearing damage and LDB repair solutions for your application.
Remanufacturing is available for any bearing type or brand – even competitor products. Click on your industry below to learn more.
Bearing Repair Applications
We provide bearing repair for heavy-duty applications in all industrial markets including metals, cement, mining, power generation, pulp and paper and aggregates.
Regardless of industry, the most common type of bearing damage is fretting, corrosion and debris denting. 
Aluminum and steel mill applications
Aggregate and cement equipment
Mobile construction vehicles
Oil and gas equipment
Mining equipment
Power generation equipment
Pulp and paper mill equipment
Rubber and plastics equipment
Bearing Reclamation Applications
Reclamation services (ideal for bearings 3 to 8 inches) are most commonly performed for the following applications:
Continuous casting machines
Ferrous and non-ferrous strip levelers
Pellet mills
Table, transfer and conveyor rolls
Vibratory screens


Our experienced service representatives assist your maintenance crew in assessing the damaged bearing and analyzing the cause of the problem. When preventative maintenance programs accompany reconditioning, bearing life can be extended up to three times.
Depending on the extent of damage, we will make onsite repairs or the bearing will be sent to a LDB repair facility. Repair options include:

During recertification, bearing assemblies are:
Cleaned and examined
Measured for verification of internal clearances
Preserved and packaged
Our process begins with an initial inspection to determine the level of service required. Serviceable bearings are disassembled. The components are then polished utilizing LDB’s proprietary vibratory process before being reassembled, preserved and packaged. The reclaimed bearings are then returned to the customer with a written report and a one-year limited warranty. Typical turnaround time is two weeks or less.
During reconditioning, bearing assemblies are:
Cleaned and examined
Measured for verification of internal clearances
Preserved and packaged

During remanufacturing:
Bearing assemblies are cleaned and examined
Raceways are reground
New roller sets are manufactured
Internal clearances are reset
Product is preserved and packaged

Special features may be added to existing or new bearing assemblies. These features are used to enhance performance, retrofit to special applications, or even upgrade to our most recent product designs.
Contact your LDB representative for more information, or to schedule your upcoming repair and/or reclamation order.