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German Customers Visit LDB Factory to

German Customers Visit LDB Factory to

On June 13, 2019, a quality audit engineer from a German bearing company came to our company for the annual supplier system audit. Through this audit, theyhave a deeper understanding of our company andour products processing process control, so as to expand both companyscooperate. LDBsInternationaltrade director,introduced the current development of LDB to the customer,as well as the company adhere to the slewing bearing and s pur gear slewing drive as the future development direction. Then, the German engineer pointedthe problems found in the quality audit to us one by one, and put forward go...

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There are 18 enterprises from Yiyang

There are 18 enterprises from Yiyang

On November 30, 2018, 18 enterprises in Yiyang County were listed on the Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Equity Exchange Center. Lei Tian, deputy director of the Municipal Finance Office, Shaojie Wang, deputy director of Yiyang County Industrial Cluster Management Committee, Yibo Zhao, director of the county financial office, Hongxing Shi, president of Zhongyuan Equity Exchange Center, Dong Gao, vice president of Zhongyuan Securities, Qin Wang, chairman of Zhongyuan Securities Labor Union, Luoyang, Zhongyuan Securities Fei Song, general manager of the branch, attended the listing ceremony. ShaojieWang, de...

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LDB will attend Bauma China 2018, dat

LDB will attend Bauma China 2018, dat


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<b>LDB is pleased to welcome new equipme</b>

LDB is pleased to welcome new equipme

On July 16, 2018, LDB company to buy new equipment - GQ600 gantry machining center, to the company production workshop, is by the engineer in the installation and debugging, is expected to formally put into production soon....

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<b>Korean ILJIN GROUP delegation visited</b>

Korean ILJIN GROUP delegation visited

11th July, 2018, There are 6 people from IL JIN GROUP, Korea visited LDB for inspection, LDB General manager Mr. Yongzhong Tong with LDB’s middle-level leader recept themand accompany them from the begining....

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<b>The slewing bearing ordered by the Au</b>

The slewing bearing ordered by the Au

The slewing bearings for O&K hydraulic excavators ordered by Australian customers have been produced and will be delivered soon....

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<b>Leaders of Yiyang County Safety Super</b>

Leaders of Yiyang County Safety Super

On June 29, 2018, the leader of the safety supervision ofYiyang County led the person in charge of safety production of other enterprises in the bearing professional park to visit the safety production work of Longda Bearing. The leaders of the County Safety Supervision Bureau mainlyvisited and studied in the form of listening to reports,consulting materials, and on-site investigations....

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<b>Luoyang Longda bearing provides emplo</b>

Luoyang Longda bearing provides emplo

On June 22, 2018, Luoyang Longda Bearing co., LTD specially invited Ms. Wang of China safety and health education network to give a lecture on safety and health to the employees of the company.This lecture focuses on the theme of “Caring for You and I, Healthy China”. It focuses on emergency handling of unexpected accidents, precautions for safe production, hazards and protection of environmental pollution, healthy lifestyles, and protection of common occupational diseases. The main purpose is to improve everyone's health awareness, so that everyone pays attention to health and health!...

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