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General Bearing Heat Treatment Proces

General Bearing Heat Treatment Proces

General Bearing Heat Treatment 1 high carbon chromium bearing steel ball annealing Isothermal annealing Carbon chromium bearing steel ball annealing is to obtain ferrite matrix uniformly distributed fine, small, uniform, round carbide particles organization for the future and the ultimate cold quenching and tempering for tissue preparation. The traditional ball annealing process is performed at a temperature slightly above the Ac1 (eg GCr15 of 780 ~ 810 ℃) after incubation with the furnace slow cooling (25 ℃ / h) to 650 ℃, cooled baked. The process heat for a long time (20h or more), and after...

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<b>History of Chinese Bearing Developmen</b>

History of Chinese Bearing Developmen

China is one of invents roller bearing the earliest countriest on the world....

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<b>Three Types of Bearing by Erosion</b>

Three Types of Bearing by Erosion

Three type of bearing by erosion...

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<b>Storage of rolling bearing</b>

Storage of rolling bearing

The main purpose of storing rolling bearing is to prevent bearings from rusing....

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<b>The Maintenance of Bearing</b>

The Maintenance of Bearing

In order to maintain the properties of bearings, regular maintaining work and inspection should be performed carefully....

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<b>The Method of Identify Damages of Bea</b>

The Method of Identify Damages of Bea

To identify or forecast malfunction without disassembly is rather important to improve productivity achieve economic benefit....

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<b>Slewing Drives Of solar tracker - Mai</b>

Slewing Drives Of solar tracker - Mai

LDB is pleased to offer a myriad of slewing drives for almost any application. LDB can cross over all major brands for an exact fit. With tilting moment capacity of 1,475 ft. lbs. to 200,000 ft. lbs. you are sure to find a perfect fit. All LDB drives are modular and come with a variety of options:...

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<b>Technical Analysis Report of High Per</b>

Technical Analysis Report of High Per

Machine tool spindle is the core component, its function is to drive tool (grinding wheel) or the workpiece rotate, to achieve high speed precision machining. ...

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